Have you tried Salvatore’s Signature Blend TRICOLORE ?

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Espresso Beans

In the series about the 4 M’s  we speak about the importance of the bean Fresh roasted, sealed and packaged daily Roasted before the oils are extracted to the bean surface so that the finished bean is dry with a slight gloss. Roasted so the flavor of all the quality of the bean has been revealed.

1 Kilo Bag $45.00    1/2 Kilo $25.00

Decaf TriColore is also available 1/2 kilo $25.00

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Why Brew TriColore Beans?

 These beans have been hand selected by Salvatore.

Roasted daily.

He chose a 3 bean blend for his TriColore collection.

A smooth rich flavor with  chocolate notes

Beans from Indonesia, Central and South America

Roasted Medium to so that the coffee is rich but not oily

Oily beans tend to cling to the grinding mills and in the group head of the machine making the cleaning more tedious and often.

Tasting notes

Well-balanced and rich with dark chocolate undertones to sweeten your palate

Never sour or bitter