“I couldn’t find the espresso machine of my dreams, so I built it myself”


The  E61 Lever is rated as the highest quality group available, the extraction of espresso is the best one can achieve with pre-infusion of the grinds to create thick smooth espresso results.  joy stick knobs.

Call to order   $3700

E61Lever with Ferrari Red Panels

Scalloped Hammered Copper Lever

Deco Green and Chrome Lever

The Specs

Boiler 2 liter 1/8“ thick wall copper boiler with a lifetime warranty. 3/4” brass top and bottom with a 2“ diameter heat exchange for brewing and steaming at the same time, 1550 watt heating element Water Reservoir is 64 oz. with a machined signature screw cap 71 Watt pump with opv valve, Pressure Relief Valve, Anti-Burn Steam and Hot Water Wands, Pressure Gauge, Autofil System, Cup Warmer 11″ w x 15″ h and 15″ d  


The Look
  • The frame is made of heavy-duty steel that is powder coated for rust resistance.
  • The cup warmer is 22 gauge brushed stainless steel hand punched for venting.
  • The body is 22 gauge brushed stainless steel for an elegant satin stainless appeal and black sides.
  • Also available all stainless steel satin brushed finish.
The Add Ons
  • Naked Portafilter 
  • Plumb in
  • Custom feet
  • Knobs
  • Color panels 
  • Switches
  • Hammered copper case
E61 Lever Top View