All machines are  stainless , if you chose a color case or panels see the list below.

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E61 Automatic basic black and stainless/ stainless  $3300.00

E61 Semiautomatic basic black and stainless/ stainless  $3200.00

E61 Lever basic black and stainless  $3400.00

E61 Club lever basic stainless    $2200.00

E61 Lever Full Size Custom $4600.00

Spring Lever compact basic stainless Plumb in $3300.00


Espresso Grinder with stainless tray $950.00

 Custom Machined Single dosing hopper with lid $460.00

Stainless Knock box with removable bar $450.00

Spring Lever compact stainless with reservoir and pump $3800.00

Spring lever Full size plumb in $5550.00

Spring Lever Full size Stainless and black reservoir type $5750.00


Double Boiler PID Stainless and Black with Rotary Pump $6500.00

Full size Semi / Automatic Rotary Pump $5500.00/$6000.00

Adding a Rotary Pump to a basic machine $600.00 (pump,motor retrofit)

Machined rotating knobs  $125.00 each

Machine round feet $40.00 –  $50.00  each

Machined 3 – 4 step feet $95.00 each

Plumb kits $125.00


Custom color panels $200.00 on machines

Custom Color panels on grinders $200.00

Copper please call for quote

 Chrome side panels  $400.00

Both plumb and reservoir conversions $300.00


Hammered and smooth copper panels quoted per job

Accessories see heading on main page

Quotes available on custom machines