Spring Lever


 Back to the 50′s 

The Spring Lever was designed in the 50’s in Italy and was considered then and today the best brewing group. A true Spring Lever machine has no pump so it is extremely quiet and draws the water into the boiler with thermosyphon and the heavy stainless springs inside the group allow for a beautiful extraction perfect every time. The Basic machine is all Stainless.

The Look and Specs

spring lever exploded view of dimensions

Large drawer like drain pan and tray

Powder coated steel frame

Stainless steel, Powder coated color additional

Custom machined stepped feet additional

Custom machined pressure gauge

Custom machined power switch

Available Water Reservoir Style or Plumb in
6 Year warranty

10.5″ wide x 15″ tall not including lever x 21″ deep


The Add Ons
  •  Naked Portafilter 
  • Custom feet
  • Knobs
  • Color panels
  • Switches
  • Hammered copper case


4Salvatore’s dream machine, the hand operated spring lever espresso machine, the most perfect extraction in espresso brewing possible

 I have been building espresso machines since 1993, one at a time each machine signed and numbered for each customer. I have followed the trend in my profession from semiautomatic, automatic, programmable digital electronics but in my mind I keep going back to the original spring lever machine when I was a very young child in my uncle’s cafe in Italy. It has become an overwhelming desire to bring back this style espresso machine to the modern world because as with many other conveniences we see today the quality has been lost. It is not only my opinion but many other coffee lovers that the spring lever is the only way to brew espresso.


 $4000.00 for the basic compact plumb in version all Stainless

$4400.00 for the pump and water reservoir version with machined cap all stainless