The Perfect Machine is just the beginning. Now you need the Perfect Grind.

Custom made to match your machine

Doserless, Metal dispensing chute

Micrometrical Adjustments

Handcrafted in Brushed Stainless Steel  

with machined adjustment knob $1150.00

Available in any color to match your machine. May include a base with a knock box

for the coffee grounds. Also available a single serving machined hopper $525.00


The Four M’s

The Art and Science of Espresso

To insure you are producing the proper extraction, a full bodied crema

MiscelaThe coffee bean blend

MacinadosatoreGrinder, grind

MacchinaEspresso machine

Mano The hand of the operator



The blend of the beans as well as the roasting play a significant role in the result of the extraction of the espresso. An espresso with a balanced taste cannot be obtained from one type of coffee.

Many types must be blended together in proportions according to the organoleptic characteristics of each. This need is less marked in coffee beverages prepared by other methods such as infusion or percolators.

The consumer should look for an Arabica blend roasted for espresso that is a dry and medium brown bean, avoid black or oily beans.


The grinder-doser with micrometrical adjustment is the best you can hope for. Each espresso machine and each type of blend of beans requires a different grind as well as an adjustment for the humidity. The distinctive feature of the espresso is that it is prepared “at the moment”, and since ground coffee disperses its aromas rapidly and its taste alters you should grind “at the moment”. In powder like form coffee particles posses a larger contact surface with the water thus permitting a higher degree of extraction of soluble and non soluble substances. Coffee’s resistance to the flow of water is altered by the varying degree of the grind, this enables to regulate the flow of coffee while it pours into the cup.

It should be noted that each espresso machine requires a specific grind in order to yield the best possible results for a creamy reddish brown full bodied espresso. The standard espresso grind marketed commercially is unlikely to fulfill these requirements.

The Specs
  • Standard Grinder is Brushed Stainless Steel with black side panels 
  • 14.5″ tall x 7.5 deep x 6.5″ wide and weighs 12 lbs. Hopper holds 1 lbs. beans,
  •  250 watts, 1200 RPM, grinding adjustment is micrometric 110v. 54 mm flat grinding burrs.
  • Place the portafilter on the chrome fork and press to start the grinding right into the portafilter direct
The Look
  • The frame is cut bent and welded of steel
  • blasted and powder coated
  • all components mounted inside
  • forks machined
  • electrically wired and tested
The Add Ons
  • Side panels: material or color
  • Feet: machined or round chrome
  • Single Serving machined hopper and lid


The first espresso machine was developed in 1901 by Bezzera.

These machines brewed espresso by extraction pressure from the steam contained in the boiler. Later Achille Gaggia introduced the use of a large spring lever which gave the correct degree of compression to the water passing through the grounds. In 1961 the development of the continuous flow machines replaced the previous ones. These models compress water by means of a pump which conveys cold water to a heat exchanger where the temperature reaches about 185 degrees F. Then a shower distributes the water uniformly over the coffee dose. Most home machines in the department store do not have a heat exchange system, you are extracting water directly from the boiler and you cannot steam and brew at the same time. These machines therefore over extract (burn)the coffee and you must wait for pressure to build after brewing to steam the milk and even then the steam pressure is weak.

Your Salvatore machine has a heat exchange system as with most commercial style espresso machines. This system gives optimum result for a perfect espresso extraction.


The ultimate quality of an espresso depends on the ability of the hand of the espresso-bartender for about 50%.The freshness of the coffee bean, the correct grind for your machine,the pre heating of the brewing head as well as the portafilter (handle) and the cup, the correct amount of ground coffee, the tamping of the coffee (30lbs.) is all chosen and achieved by the careful hand of the espresso-bartender (Barista).

Custom Grinders

The Stainless is only the beginning…