Customer Service &

A Craftsman’s Promise 


Salvatore takes great pride in his hand crafted Espresso Machines. His design and quality are impeccable and he strongly believes that the customer should have what they want, not what a company wants to sell them. Many companies in the espresso machine industry buy and sell machines that they find profitable for them, then after a while they move on to the next machine, sometimes in less than a year. So what happens to the customer when he/she needs assistance or service after the sale? There is no help and no spare parts for their espresso  machines.

This is not going to happen to you when you buy a Salvatore Machine. We have customers for 25 years, that still have their machine serviced. We stock all the parts and know everything about the machines we make!

We will assist you promptly just call 805-688-9807 or email

Unless stated at the time of sale all machines have a 6 year warranty

Thank you