TRICOLORE Espresso Beans

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In the series about the 4 m's on the Grinder Page we speak about the importance of the bean Fresh roasted, sealed and packaged daily Roasted before the oils are extracted to the bean surface so that the finished bean is dry with a slight gloss. Roasted so the flavor of all the quality of the bean has been revealed.
1 Kilo Bag $45.00
1.5 kilo can with lid $68.00
Decaf and regular TriColore  1/2 kilo $25.00
Vanilla, Almond or Chocolate TriColore 1/2 kilo $24.00 
Flavor infused TriColore 1 kilo $48.00


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Weight 1-2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 6 in

1 Kilo Bag, 1.5 kilo can with lid, Flavored Tricolore Almond 1 Kilo, Flavored Tricolore Chocolate 1 Kilo, Flavored Tricolore Italian Vanilla 1 Kilo, Flavored Tricolore Almond 1/2 kilo, Flavored Tricolore Chocolate 1/2 Kilo, Flavored Tricolore Italian Vanilla 1/2 Kilo, 1/2 Kilo Bag