All our machines can be built with Rotary Vane Pumps

We offer rotary pumps as plumb in machines and water reservoir machines some of the differences in the 2 pumps are described below. Note that a rotary pump machine with a water reservoir must be built larger than the specifications for the machines to accommodate the pump and motor and reservoir.

Rotary vane pumps:
  • Quieter operation when pump and motor is powered on.
  • Immediate ramp up brew pressure when pump is engaged.
  • Motor separate from pump.
  • Brew pressure controlled by adjusting built-in screw.
  •  A rotary vane pump can extract many more espresso per day than a vibration pump which is why they are used in machines found in high volume cafe’s
  • disadvantages, limited warranty from pump manufacturer 90 days

Want a Rotary Pump? It is an add on to most machines.

Vibration pumps have the following benefits:
  • Ability to draw water out of a reservoir without damage.
  • Lower cost for replacement.
  • Less susceptible to buildup of limescale causing agents (calcium and magnesium).
  • Handle up to 40 espresso extractions every day.
  • Smaller size.
  • Built-in passive preinfusion as the pump takes 4-7 seconds to achieve optimal extraction pressure.
  • Brew pressure semi-controlled by an overpressure valve (when present in an espresso machine).
  • Noisier when refilling boiler (these pumps do go quiet when under full pressure for extraction)